Go for Green
The Active Living and Environment Program


Teletrips Inc. has joined with Go for Green and Environment Canada to present the Commuter Challenge, a Clean Air Day initiative.

As a sponsor of the Commuter Challenge nationally, Teletrips will help Go for Green encourage Canadians to decrease their reliance on single-occupant vehicles to get to and from work during Environment Week, held June 1 – 7, 2003. Commuter Challenge participants commit to walk, jog, cycle, in-line skate, bus, carpool or telework, and then register their participation on the Commuter Challenge website (www.commuterchallenge.ca). The aim is to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution by giving commuters the opportunity to experience the benefits of
using active and sustainable modes of transportation. This year, over 100 communities will participate in the program.

After signing the partnership agreement with Go for Green and Commuter Challenge, Teletrips Chairman, Guy Nelson stated, “This public/private partnership is indicative of how laudable public sector goals can be accomplished more quickly and successfully by matching up with innovative private sector technology and initiative.” Teletrips has agreed to provide funding and support over a three year period.

Teletrips was founded in 1999 to help create, implement and manage public-private partnership programs to reduce commuter congestion, improve air quality, reduce energy consumption and help organizations mitigate some of their risks such as exposure to green house gas and criteria pollutant legislation. Teletrips has developed a proprietary software product that actually tracks and aggregates emission reductions and the bottom-line benefits of organizations sponsoring trip reduction programs such as telework. Its core goal is promoting sustainable urban development through incentive-based approaches to commuter trip reduction, like telework programs. More information on the company can be found on its web-site at www.teletrips.com