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Go for Green Guide

This guide offers ideas on ways you can go for green in your school, community or workplace.

Go for Green’s electronic newsletter

Published approx. 4 times a year, Go for Green’s News & Info electronic newsletter describes the latest Go for Green news, updates on our programs and information from across Canada. For a free subscription, complete our online subscription form and you’ll be automatically added to our mailing list.

Great Green Ideas: Linking the Environment, Recreation and Sport $25.00
This guide is a collection of case studies and a resource guide that creates an awareness of the importance of environmentally responsible sport and recreation and the significant and lasting contribution such actions will have on protecting the environment. There are over fifty case studies that describe examples of sports and recreation related initiatives that protect or enhance the environment and provide health benefits for the participants.

Greening our Games $37.00
By David Chernushenko
The first book that addresses environmental issues affecting sport and recreation. Reduce the impact of activities while saving money through better environmental practices!

Sustainable Sport Management: Running an Environmentally, Socially and Economically Responsible Organization $55.00
By David Chernushenko with Anna van der Kamp and David Stubbs

A comprehensive guide to managing sport organizations of all types and sizes in a more responsible manner. This book offers a prescription for sport decision-makers and managers that will go a long way to ensuring the viability and vitality of any sport organization, within a healthy and vibrant social and natural environment. Written as a practical users manual, this book is packed with success stories and case studies, including a major study of the Sydney 2000 green Olympics initiatives.

Contains a full PDF version of Sustainable Sport Management, a library of documents and presentations from various sport organizations that complement the book, and a Sustainable Sport Photo Gallery particularly useful for teachers and speakers.

Book and CD-ROM: $85.40

Sustainable Development Principles in Action — Learning from the Sydney 2000 Experience CD-ROM $55.00
Published by Green & Gold
Green & Gold developed this resource to disseminate the lessons learned from applying the concept of sustainable development in planning for, building for and running the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The lessons are broadly applicable to planners, builders, government and corporate decision-makers, designers and many others who may be grappling with the implementation of sustainable development ideas.

CD-ROM + Sustainable Sport Management (Book OR CD-ROM): $85.40
CD-ROM + Sustainable Sport Management (Book AND CD-ROM): $122.00

Active & Safe Routes to School Resources

Unless indicated otherwise, the first copy of resources are free for schools that have registered for the Active & Safe Routes to School program (A&SRTS), and community partners interested in promoting the program to schools in their communities.

Program Overview and Rationale

A&SRTS Brochure
An easy-to-read brochure that explains what the program is, why it’s important, and activities you can start in your own community.

Fact Sheet – Did You Know?
Canadian Institute of Child Health
A one-page fact sheet that explains how child development and perceptions influence the ability to assess potential traffic dangers.
Extra copies: 2-99 25¢ ea.; 100-499 22¢ ea.; 500 + 20¢ ea.
The Case for Active & Safe Routes to School
This paper explains the concept and outlines the substantial benefits of an Active & Safe Routes to School program; summarizes key issues and opportunities; and provides easy to use information to help analyze, rationalize, and “make the case.”
Active/Safe Routes to School
Canadian Institute of Child Health Report
This report reviews child/youth risk factors associated with active transportation to and from school, and includes recommendations to promote safe routes.

A Brief History of the National Active & Safe Routes to School Program
This report traces the development of the national Active & Safe Routes to School program in Canada.
Promotional Tools

Active & Safe Routes to School Video
This 11 minute video highlights several Active & Safe Routes to School initiatives in urban and rural school settings across Canada.
Extra copies: $10.00 ea.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Case Studies*
Summaries of existing programs, with practical tips and advice to help newcomers learn from the experiences of others. Each order includes guidelines for creating your own Case Study. Case Studies include:

Case Study #1: Greenest City, City of Toronto (Acrobat 387KB)
Case Study #2: Newcastle Public School and Durham Region (Acrobat 175KB)
Case Study #3: R.H. Smith School (Acrobat 32KB)
Case Study #4: Town of Truro (Acrobat 119KB)
Case Study #5: Way to Go! (Acrobat 267KB)

Extra Copies: $1.00 ea.

Success Stories
Anecdotes gathered from the pilot projects across Canada in 1998.
Walking/Cycling School Bus

How-to Organize a Walking School Bus
Practical tips and advice to help start a Walking/Cycling School Bus at your school. (Acrobat 496KB)
Extra copies: $5.00 ea.

Classroom Resources

Blazing Trails Through The Urban Jungle
Teacher’s Guide and Student Workbook
This curriculum resource helps students in grades 3 to 6 get to know their neighbourhood better and map safe routes to their school.
Extra copies: 2-99 80¢ ea; 100-499 72¢ ea; 500 + 65¢ ea
Registered schools may receive a sufficient number of free copies of the workbook for all students in a class.
International Walk to School Day

International Walk To School Day Brochure

An easy-to-read brochure that provides an overview of International Walk to School Day and explains how to register your school for this year’s event.

International Walk To School Day Poster
An 18” X 24” colour poster with the International Walk To School Day logo to help you promote the event in your community. Also has great information on the reverse side for Teachers.
Extra copies: Free for 2003 Poster

How-to Organise a Walk to School Day Event
This booklet provides practical tips to help you organize a fun and interesting International Walk To School Day Event at your school and includes: sample posters for children to colour and for recruiting volunteers; sample public service announcements and press releases; a Why Walk Fact Sheet and more.
Extra copies: $5.00 ea.

Active & Safe Routes to School Merchandise

Active & Safe Routes to School Baseball cap $11.50English_ASRTSHat
with embroidered logo (white with black peak (youth)
and white with green peak (adult))

Winter Green Resources

Making Your Event or Activity Winter Green

By David Chernushenko
This document provides event organizers with solutions on how to ‘winter green’ a winter event or activity – be it a school carnival, a town festival or a winter sports event – by reducing its impact on the environment.
Get Winter Active! Tips, Tools and Cool Ideas for Leaders

Provides community leaders with “Tips, Tools and Cool Ideas” from across Canada. Discover successful winter physical activity programs and event ideas, contacts, references, graphics, logos and clip art. Everything you need to get your community more active in winter! (Acrobat Reader)

Table of Contents
A Warm Winter's Welcome!
Winteractive Tools

Get Winter Green!
This complimentary package to “Get Winter Active!”, includes recipes for a successful backyard rink, information on getting warm without breaking the bank, facts about Canada’s winter Night Sky, helpful Winter Green documents and successful, environmentally-friendly, outdoor winter initiatives in Canada. Take the roof off your winter and explore this great web resource! (Acrobat Reader)

Introducing Winter Green
What You, Your Family & Friends Can Do To Be Winter Green
Recipe for a Successful Backyard Rink
Have a Warm Green Winter Without Breaking the Bank!
Winter Green Highlights - Made in Canada Solutions!
Winter Night Sky
Your Winter Green Neighbourhood
How Winter Green is your Christmas Tree?
Sources of Winter Green Information

Active Transportation Resources

Active Transportation Resources on CD-ROM

CD-ROM: $23.00

This searchable CD holds all the Active Transportation resources in one place, plus has  examples of  resource material used by municipalities in design and promotion. Resources include:

  • Fitting Places: How the Built Environment Affects Active Living
  • Developing Communities for Active Transportation
  • Retrofitting Communities for Sustainable and Healthy Active Transportation
  • Linkages: Built Environment, Well Being, and Active Living
  • Walk & Roll: A Guide to Active Transport To, From and At the Workplace
  • 1998 National Survey on Active Transportation (Summary Report and Report on Focus Groups)
  • Making the Case for Active Transportation (full report and 6 fact sheets)
  • Additional municipal material: Ultimate Ottawa Bike Guide; Ottawa Cycling Map; and, Regional Road Corridor Design Guidelines
Developing Communities for Active Transportation

Hardcopy: $5.00

This guide looks at the challenges in developing communities for active transportation and offers specific solutions for safer walking and cycling.
Also available on Active Transportation CD-Rom
Retrofitting Communities for Sustainable and Healthy Active Transportation

 Hardcopy: $5.00

Provides guidelines on how to rework the physical environment of neighbourhoods and communities so they are more conducive to active transportation (and its integration with public transit). Sections include Overcoming Obstacles, Retrofitting—What You Can Do, Implementation Strategies, and Success Stories.
Also available on Active Transportation CD-Rom
Linkages: Built Environment, Well Being, and Active Living

Hardcopy: $5.00

A research that identifies trends and linkages between the built environment, your health and outdoor physical activity.
Also available on Active Transportation CD-Rom
Walk & Roll: A Guide to Active Transport To, From and At the Workplace

 Hardcopy: $10.00

Published by the Canadian Council for Health and Active Living at Work
Provides a step-by-step outline for developing a workplace active transportation plan. ‘Tools’ include an employee questionnaire, forms to assess your current situation, evaluation guidelines, and a list of helpful organizations and resources.
For orders over 4 copies: $8.00 ea.
Also available on Active Transportation CD-Rom
Making the Case for Active Transportation Fact Sheets


Presents a solid case for the health, environmental, and community benefits of active transportation. Includes detailed facts and figures, identifies areas of greatest opportunity, and outlines the general principles for implementation and action. (Acrobat 431KB)
Also available on Active Transportation CD-Rom
1998 National Survey on Active Transportation, Summary Report

Hardcopy: 1st copy free

Provides results of the Environics study, including details on the walking and cycling habits of adults and school-age children, and the barriers to – and the opportunities for – increased participation. This is a useful complement to Making the Case for Active Transportation. (See also the Report on Focus Groups).
Extra copies: $5.00 ea.
Also available on Active Transportation CD-Rom
Report on Focus Groups

 Hardcopy: $5.00

Following the 1998 National Survey on Active Transportation
Provides an understanding of the benefits and barriers of cycling among experienced cyclists and recreational cyclists across the country.
Also available on Active Transportation CD-Rom

Trail Resources

PathFINDER newsletter
PathFINDER, the electronic trail newsletter, is distributed quarterly to trail audiences around the world.
Urban Parks in Ontario: The Modern Period $25.00
20+ copies  $18.00
The Modern Period moves from the roaring twenties to the “Shifting Context” of the 1990’s, from the introduction of the automobile to today’s naturalization efforts, from public responsibility to user pay, and the transformation from rural landscape to urban form.  This book is an historical account filled with examples and illustrations of our past, and a summary of the trends and footprints that we need to appreciate to plan wisely for our future.
Multi-Use Trails in Canada: An Analysis of Some Successful Cases $16.70
Success stories and technical help from nine Canadian trail projects.
Rails to Greenways Video $10.00
This 8 minute video is designed to assist volunteer organizations in making the case for rails to greenways—a convincing demonstration of the benefits and importance of recycling rail corridors.
Trail Monitor #1: The Economic Benefits of Trails
This fact sheet contains researched facts about trail use, the amount of money spent by trail users, statistics on job creation related to trail development, adjacent land values and the economic impact of new money to a community when trails are developed.
Trail Monitor #2: The Social, Health and Heritage Benefits of Trails
This fact sheet provides a compilation of research facts about the social, health and heritage benefits of trails, statistics on the most popular activities for Canadians and highlights of important trail historical facts.

Gardening for Life Resources

Between the Rows #1: Physical Benefits of Gardening 1st copy free
A fact sheet on the physical benefits of gardening, including how each gardening activity exercises different body parts, helpful tips for a safe and effective workout, and information on how natural gardening is not only good for the body and soul, but the environment as well.
Gardening for Life Fact Sheets $6.00
Go for Green and The Evergreen Foundation developed 10 fact sheets full of information and resources on backyard gardening and other related topics to give outdoor enthusiasts some tips and ideas on how to garden “naturally” and the positive health and environmental effects.
Success Stories on “naturalized” outdoor active-use spaces $6.00
Go for Green and the Ontario Parks Association developed 5 Success Story articles about the “naturalized” maintenance of outdoor active use areas in 5 different regions of Canada. These stories describe successful community-based strategies undertaken by park managers and local leaders to protect and enhance their environment by using alternatives to chemicals.

Sun Safety Fact Sheets                                                                                                                 $2.00

Six fact sheets about sun, pesticides, and urban recreational waterways issues.